Refractory Services

Refractory Casting, Mould Making & Protection Panelling Casting and Mould Making Services Reeves Industrial are able to cast refractory shapes and moulding products to meet each clients' individual requirements. All products are quality checked to ensure they meet clients' requiremetns for the applicaton required prior to delivery and installation.  
Refractory Gunning Reeves Industrial offer a wide variety of refractory gunning services and applications.  Not tied into suppliers of materials, we offer a freelance service to enable customers to achieve the best results and cost savings on their refractory projects. 
Pressure Vessel Maintenance and Inspections Reeves Industrial has over 50 years combined industry experience in pressure vessel maintenance and pressure vessel gunning. Reeves Industrial complete inspections on all types of pressure vessels. We can also identify defects and the maintenance & repair work needed on your pressure vessel. We can provide a pressure vessel inspection service regardless of whether you have a single pressure vessel item or come from a large operating site and have many across your location. Reeves Industrial can help with your inspection, maintenance and issue resolution requirements. We have worked on many industrial sites. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your pressure vessel requirements.