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Introducing Ri Engineering

Ri Engineering began it operations as Whyalla Labour Hire in 1999 with two personnel. From this modest beginning the firm grew and expanded its customer base and service range until, by the end of 2006, Whyalla Labour Hire employed 12 staff.

Having outgrown the 'labour hire' tag and wanting to reflect a much broader range of services, the company underwent a name change in early 2014 becoming Ri Engineering. A respected service provider to the industrial sectors, our services include:

  • Environmental Services
  • Engineering & Fabrication for the Mining Sector.
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Refactory Services and Representation. 
  • Refractory Mould Making
  • BOS Furnace Refractory Monitoring 
  • Roadworks & Asphalt Repairs
  • Specialised & Complex Industrial Demolition

By taking time to get to know and understand our customers, Ri Engineering is able to provide a level of personalised service many of our competitors are simply unable to offer.


Servicing Australia-wide

Ri Engineering operates nationally with a current focus on industrial and mining sectors across South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Safety is paramount and Ri Engineering is rigorous in its pursuit of world’s best practice as a means of ensuring workforce wellbeing, project success and the protecting the broader community.

The expertise of our workforce and our emphasis on detailed planning combine with an ability to think outside the square to ensure that all projects – large and small – are handled efficiently and with a focus on the safety and wellbeing of all who are involved.

Customer Expectations

Ri Engineering prides itself on its professionalism and long-term relationships with many of our customers stand in testament to this.

At all times we aim to deliver a level of service that meets or – preferably – exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Ri Engineering provides superior services in the lancing and removal of steel from casted pots.

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